Asset Management

Lives are made better by many things, but things can outlast their usefulness or represent stored value.

Parents and older adults may have a lifetime of accumulation in their homes. Many of these things may be the essentials for daily living, like furniture, clothes, and electronics, while others may be hard assets, collectibles, or heirlooms. Whatever the volume or their value, managing accumulations or assets through changing circumstances can be a daunting task.

Transitions Planning and Care takes a project oriented approach to helping organize a client’s life and adjusting accumulations and assets:

  • What are the client’s current needs and goals?
    • De-cluttering? Increasing retirement funds?
  • How will the desired results be assessed or measured by the client?
    • Lifestyle changes?  Revenue?
  • What is the time line for these efforts?
    • Immediate?  Longer term?
  • What methods of asset review and disposition will be used?
    • Appraisals?  Consignments?
  • If selling, what venues will be used?
    • Tag sale or auction?  eBay or Craigslist?

During this process, we will coordinate the involvement of clients, extended family members, and third party professionals.  We will engage appropriate experts that may needed for jewelry, collectibles, antiques, and estate sales.  We will act as your on-site manager for tag and yard sales.  We will coordinate the donation of unsold items to charities, which may help your tax situation.

We help you by minimizing stress and maximizing returns.