The best results are not attained by accident, they are planned.

The planning of future goals, and the activities to achieve them, is an important function that can be missed in the press of daily life or health emergencies.  Plans that were made in the past may need to be revisited for applicability under current circumstances.  Planning encompasses many dimensions and changes over time, but includes consideration of:

  • Current financial status
  • Retirement sources and needs
  • Life styles to be retained or adjusted

Transitions Planning and Care is unique in its focus on planning as a foundation for all of its services.  In times of immediate need, our experience is used to shorten the planning phase and concentrate on the key elements of the issue.  As matters are resolved, planning is revisited to ensure a complete solution is tailored to a client’s needs.

We are proud of our experience that is documented in the form of project plans, check-lists, and reference materials.  These are used to ensure matters are completely addressed.  The good news is that any problem you may be facing has probably already been documented in our files.