Home is where your heart is.

Moving is one of the most difficult activities we ever undertake in our lives.  If there are special circumstances, such as divorce, illness, or a death in the family, the emotional toll can be even more significant.  Other activities, such as asset sales or downsizing activities, may be required to complete the move.  If selling your property is being considered, clean-up and staging activities can improve your sales price.

Transitions Planning and Care will manage your relocation with both emotional support as well as physical and financial management expertise.  We know it’s more than just moving furniture, packing household items, and unpacking at the new location. In the process, you may be sorting through memories, tending to precious heirlooms, and selecting treasured antiques for distribution to your family.

Our approach to your relocation is dependent on your needs, the quantities to be moved, old and new property details, and the total distance of the move.  Small, close-in moves will be handled by our staff while longer distance moves may be subcontracted to partners or managed by our staff.